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current program details

Effective January 2014, all L2W entries must be submitted within 30 days of the contract being registered. Please check the what's new tab for more recent updates to the program.

Welcome to TELUS' Authorized Dealer Rewards Program

TELUS license to win, TELUS One® Reward Program is designed to recognize the sales achievements of strategic TELUS products and services.

Each strategic sale submitted through this site will earn you valuable license to win program points which are accumulated on your very own TELUS One® Visa card which can be used internationally, wherever Visa is accepted.

license to win program points are earned based on the total contract value of Total Net New sales submitted through this site and all program points are converted into TELUS One® reward Incentive dollars. You will also earn additional incentive for multiple product sales of select strategic products


license to win Categories
Competitive Win
  • ISDN - PRI
    (must be sold with LD)
  • Long Distance
    (must be sold with one other eligible product)
Strategic Contracted Sales
  • Business Internet (Managed)
  • High Speed Internet for Business
  • Long Distance
  • MS Exchange
  • Managed Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • IP Networks
  • Audio & Web Conferencing
  • TELUS Workspace
  • TELUS Business Email
  • Instant Connect
Sub-Product Descriptions (where applicable)
Business Internet (Managed)
  • BI-ADSL Customer Managed
  • BI-ADSL Basic
  • BI-ADSL Premium
  • BI-T1
  • BI International & BI International Customer Managed
  • BI 1.5M Dedicated
  • BI Bundles 3 M
  • BI Bundles 4.5 M
  • BI Bundles 6 M
  • BI Bundles 10 M
  • BI Bundles 12 M
  • BI Bundles 20 M
  • BI Bundles 30 M
  • BI Bundles 40 M
  • BI Bundles 50 M
  • BI Bundles 60 M
  • BI Bundles 70 M
  • BI Bundles 80 M
  • BI Bundles 90 M
  • BI Bundles 100 M
  • BI Gateway Service
High Speed Internet for Business
  • Office Basic
  • Server Basic
  • Server Elite
Long Distance
  • Outbound Long Distance
  • Toll Free
  • Teleconferencing
  • Pre-paid cards
MS Exchange
  • MS Exchange Silver
  • MS Exchange Gold
Managed Hosting
  • Fully Managed
  • Co-Managed
  • Customer Managed
  • Co-Located
Shared Hosting
  • Intro
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

IP Networks

Audio & Web Conferencing

  • Unified Communications
TELUS Workspace
  • Unified Communications
TELUS Business Email
  • Unified Communications
Instant Connect
  • Unified Communications

Non - Eligible Products or Sales
Conversions / Month to Month Sales
Business Select / Anywhere Bundles
Professional Service Charges, Installation or set up fees
Partner (Carrier-type) Services and Products
Any product category not listed will not be eligible for rewards
Non-Competitive Win Voice Services
Move Orders (move services to new location)
Consumer ADSL sales
Voicemail, Call Management Features, etc.
Stand-alone PRI

To further incent participants to position solutions that include Data/IP, the program includes a multiplier that rewards additional license to win program points for strategic and multi-product sales.

license to win - Product Multiplier and Category Thresholds*
Competitive Win
Strategic Contracted Sales
One Product
Two Products
Three or More Products
Maximum Thresholds
80,000 points
200,000 points

400 license to win program points = 1 TELUS One® Rewards dollar

Let the license to win program maximize your sales so you can enjoy the rewards; all backed by TELUS.

Be sure to visit this web site regularly as it contains information on the license to win program and valuable tools to help you position TELUS products and services successfully.